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Holiday Hut Corfe - Our Story

5th March 2019

Our friends introduced us to the idea of a Shepherd’s Hut that would complement our current B&B business. We just had to agree where to site it!  A month later we agreed on the location so we started to look more seriously.  We now had to decide on how big the hut should be or where to buy one! We didn’t know what should be in the hut with regards to facilities, however we both agreed on a fully functioning bathroom, flushing toilet - an absolute must, with hot water and a good shower. Basically a good glamping experience, however, then we had to decide what else it should contain!!

We were amazed by how many huts are now on the market…  So to start we visited our local hut builder; Plankbridge in Piddlehinton, Dorchester.

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